Effectiveness of Supervision on Village Fund Management In Manggarai Barat Regency – NTT

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rama mahesa


The Village Fund Program is intended to promote growth and equitable development especially on village areas. Problems were found such as inaccurate targets, unclear accountability and changes in socio-political relations that were not as expected. Prevention of these problems can be done through good and directed supervision. The purpose of this study is to determine the process of supervision of the implementation of village development through the regulation of village funds, especially in Manggarai Barat Regency East Nusa Tenggara Province. The research method is descriptive qualitative. Data collection techniques by interviews, determination of sources with purposive sampling and the implementation of Focus Group Discussions. The results of the study concluded that the mechanism of village fund management oversight carried out by Manggarai Barat Regency still needs improvement, especially in terms of finding irregularities in each stage of the use of village funds. In the dimensions of the supervision process, there is a comparison of actual performance with specified standards and supervision to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of resources in the organization  project has been done well. This study recommend a participatory organic oversight method which is a pattern of supervision of village fund management at the level of village area implementation where community participation is a "key to success" monitoring village fund management.

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